The RCA Selectron -- The Computron

This page is a teaser for the complete story of the RCA Computron. Soon to be released. Watch this site. Post no bills.

Computron US Patent You have viewed the Computron US Patent, right?

The Computron was an astounding digital vacuum integrated circuit
developed at the laboratories of the Radio Corporation of America
for computing the trajectory of both an incoming aircraft and the outgoing shell. In realtime.
It was to be part of an electronic digital anti-aircraft fire control computer
and work on it was begun before the entry of the United States of America into WWII.

Here you will find a few documents of the many hundreds acquired and scanned over the past 14 years.
They are blurry photostats of originals made with spent carbon paper typed on typewriters with coarse fabric ribbons.
Yes, that is how documents were prepared. How illegible your copy told you your place in the pecking order.

Most of the fun research is now complete.
The tedious part of obtaining legal clearances and permissions in underway.

You will find below a few documents, a few drawings, a few photos. And an old broken unfinished unannotated Powerpoint presentation.

Yes, you are being held hostage to ensure that I finish the presentation of this project.
Everyone who worked on the Computron is dead.
I must finish this before I join them. (Joking! I'm in excellent health!) [wheeze]

Please enjoy the few tantalizing tidbits I have dropped for you. More will appear in time. [cough]

Thank you for visiting, and all information, comments and suggestions are welcome, appreciated and will be acknowledged.

Charles S. Osborne
Beaverton, Oregon, USA
December 2018

Block Diagram

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George A. Morton of RCA proposal of 02 June 1941

Official memorandum of 07 June 1941

1942 Meeting notes (and commentary) by Warren Weaver

1942 RCA site visit notes by George Stibitz

1943 Site visit notes (and commentary) by George Stibitz

1943 Some grousing by E. J. Poitras

Fragment of an abandoned Powerpoint overview of the Computron